The Top Home Inventory Apps for 2012

4 apps for keeping track of your most prized possessions

Guest post by: Jane Johnson

Did you know that it’s important to keep an up-to-date list of your belongings? Sure, you’re probably used to seeing your stuff around the house and you think you know it all by heart. However, in case of theft or another tragedy like fire or hurricane if you need to evacuate your home in a rush, your home belongings can be serious damaged or even lost for good. How many homeowners do you think have such an inventory? A mere 1 in 5 according the most recent insurance company statistics. And the truth is that most homeowners don’t think to take an inventory of their personal belongings until after a tragedy and by then it’s much too late.

A home inventory is something that’s hard to get to in the busy lives that we lead. And the idea of walking room to room recording every detail with a pen and pad of paper just isn’t realistic. But thanks to technology, there are hundreds of smart phone apps available for your iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S, Android, and just about every other mobile device on the market to help you enter a list of your belongings just in case an emergency should arise. The following apps will record all of your home’s belongings and store the information in a personal, password protected account that can be accessed from absolutely anywhere, at anytime:

1. Home Inventory ($4.99 – for iPhone) Home Inventory protects your valuables—even when you can’t. This inventory app allows those taking home inventory to enter your data either by your iPhone and then automatically synchronizes the data to the master program on your computer.  This way you get duplicate copies of everything you own. So even if you’re out of the county when a fire occurs, you can access a list of everything you own from anywhere.

2. Home Inventory Organizer ($2.99 – for Android) The Home Inventory Organizer app lets users create and organize a complete inventory of their most valuable items according to room. All you need to do is record the item by smart phone, snap a photo, and once you’re done, email or print a copy of the complete list to your home insurance agent to keep on file in case of theft or damages.

3. MyStuff2 ($4.99 – for iPhone) The MyStuff2 app makes it easier than ever to keep track of all your belongings. This app will help you organize and keep track of your music, movie, stamp, book, video game, baseball card, wine, jewelry, mink coat, or electronics possessions…basically it will keep track of any belonging you deem valuable enough to keep an inventory of. MyStuff2 allows you to keep a running inventory of your belongings in case of a theft, fire, or flood. Simply record items with a barcode scanner and use the sample categories or create your own definable categories to organize your personal items.

4. Movie Collection + Inventory ($3.83 – for Android) If you’re like my husband you have a ton of movies…too many to remember if a theft or natural tragedy (like a fire or tornado) occurs. The Movie Collection + Inventory app is ideal for movie buffs because it allows them to organize DVDs and blu-rays collection via an imported movie catalog. After you create your film inventory, you can add fun features—like personal movie ratings, critique notes, and even dub movies with a star rating—which you can share with your other film geek friends or keep private. This is a great gift for movie buffs, not only to protect their movies from theft, but also to ensure they don’t buy duplicate movies when shopping.  And if you’re in the habit of loaning out your films, you can create an in-out status, with the borrower’s name, location, and contact information.

Bio: Jane Johnson is a writer for GoingCellular, a popular site that provides cell phone related news, commentary, reviews on popular providers like T-Mobile.

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    My wife enjoys making jewelry, and has handcrafted quite a collection. She started using Qollector for the iPad to inventory everything. We can design a variety of layouts, track various information, and even QR code items for easy scanning later. We like to take numerous pictures for each piece. Best part is that its very easy to share a piece of jewelry with a friend or buyer by web link or email.
    Check it out:

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