4 Tips to Help Make Time for Relationships


I don’t believe any of us should try to get through this life alone. I, for one, could not imagine a world without my family and close friends. They are the ones I share the good and the bad and talk about the in between.

After a while, however, most people take their relationships for granted. We don’t set out to let our relationships fail but that is exactly what happens when we get so caught up in our own selves that we forget the emotional needs of those around us. Let’s face it; ANY relationship takes work and dedication in order for it to last. If you are committed to the relationships in your life start making time for them. In order to do this, yes, you may have to organize them! Once again, time management is crucial this week but with these tips you can make time for your relationships.

4 Goals for This Week

1.  Schedule time for your marriage. My husband and I make it a priority to honor our wedding anniversary. We don’t just go out for a quick dinner, we go somewhere for the night or the weekend. We always come back feeling reconnected, and d it gives us time to celebrate how far we’ve come.

2.  Don’t just say you are a friend, act like one. Making time for your friends is just as important as making time for your children and spouse.

3.  Schedule standing dates with people you want to see more, such casino online as meeting your girlfriends for coffee on the second Monday of each month. This way everyone knows that this is a set plan and can make room in their schedule for it each month.

4.  Make a decision to be more mindful in all of your relationships. To help you get started you may even keep a journal of precious moments you share with people you love: start your collection this week! Try setting a goal to collect two precious moments per day for your new journal. A precious moment should be a time when you connect with someone you love on a deeper level.


Organizing Tip of the Day

*  Laugh with the ones you love. Laughter helps you live in the moment, improve your mood, express your true feelings and shift into a positive perspective.


Have you ever had a friend say to you “sorry I haven’t called I have just been so busy”? I personally accept this excuse only once in a while. If I continue to hear that from a friend I often think, “we are all busy!” My life is just as busy as the next person”s but certain relationships are a priority to me so I “make” time for them.

Maintaining friendships as a child was easy.  You had tons of free time to devote to friends because you had so few responsibilities.  Now you have lots of responsibilities and little free time.  As an adult, friendships take more work to maintain. But that doesn’t mean that are any less important to your well-being. It just means you have to organize your time more to incorporate them.

Happy Organizing


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  1. Jane
    Jane says:

    Great insights Jennifer. I totally agree with you especially on this one: We’re all busy and if a friend is continuously saying that he/she was so busy to call, then something is wrong 🙂

    Thanks for sharing.

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