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Personal Time Management Coach For 6 Weeks!


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Here’s Why You Need This Program

      • Be More Productive
      • Overcome Procrastination
      • Feel Better About Yourself
      • Reach Any Goal You Set
      • Handle Distractions
      • Take Control Of Your Life 

Time management is the foundation for having an organized life. If you learn the skills to correctly manage your time, you will be more productive, feel better about yourself, and reach any goal you set for your life. Each person is given the same amount of time each day. The difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is how they use that time. Whether you are building your own business, working full time or a stay at home mom this program can change your life forever!

Dr. Dina Spiropoulos

I didn’t have the life skills needed to manage my time. By working with Jennifer I have been able to accomplish life goals I never dreamed were possible. I used to be stuck and now when I have a dream I make it happen with small approachable goals and efficient planning. I am happier then ever!

Dr. Dina Spiropoulos
Laura Wexler

Jennifer has completely changed my life when it comes to organization. Now that items in my house have homes I spend less time looking for papers and more time being productive. Jennifer has helped me in managing my time better because I have learned how to manage all of my To Dos as a full time working mother with her simple yet efficient approach.

Laura Wexler

What You Will Learn:

  • Week 1: Determine Your Top Priorities

  • Week 2: Learn How To Manage Your Time Correctly

  • Week 3: Learn How To Manage Your To Do List Efficiently

  • Week 4: Learn The Right Way To Schedule Your Time

  • Week 5: How To Achieve Work/Life Balance

  • Week 6: Create Your Yearly Plan

Program Includes:

Weekly Coaching Via Podcast

Weekly Lessons and Assignments

30 Minute Private Phone or Email Consultation With Jennifer

Exclusive Facebook Group With Other Course Members

Time Tracker Form

Live Videos For Q & A With Jennifer

Accountability Partner