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time timer

I love talking about time management. Why? Because I truly believe that the difference between successful people and those that are not so successful, is the way that they use their time. 

How often have you heard someone say, “sorry I just don’t have the time”? Well that is simply not true…we all have time.  It is how we choose to use it that makes the difference. 

The reason I am talking about time today is because I have been trying out a product that can really help you be more efficient with your time.  It is called the Time Timer and it can really help increase your productivity!

I have been using this product for about 3 months both at work and in my personal life.  One of my favorite ways to use this is for my kids when they need to complete something.  The Time Timer saves me energy having to remind them of how much longer they have.  Plus, it has prevented me from having to hear “how much longer Mom?”  We all know how much time that wastes!

I love using it when my kids have earned electronic time.  “When the red is gone your time is up“.  We are pretty strict about using electronics in our home so this really gives our children a clear understanding of how long they can be on their Itouch or computer.  I have also used it when:

  • my daughter has to practice her clarinet
  • when I want my family to pitch in and do a “30 Minute Family Clean Up” aroudn the house.
  • Sometimes I make it a game: “how fast can you put your clothes away” or “who can pick up the most toys in 10 minutes”

As a Professional Organizer the Time Timer has really come in handy with my clients, especially those with ADD.  Many times I notice that people I work with have a hard time focusing long enough to complete a task.  The Time Timer not only gives them a designated amount of time to work on a task, but it also gives them a great visual for how much time they have left. 

This would be really helpful for those that dislike to clean.  They could set the Time Timer for 30 minutes (or more if the mood strikes) and go to town!  There is even an app that you can use if you have an Android!

As an Author, it is sometimes difficult to buckle down and write.   I love setting the Time Timer when I need to focus on writing.  I also set it for various projects I am working on. It helps me to keep all of my work balanced; not over working on one project and then neglecting another. 

Overall, I would recommend the Time Timer to anyone who wants to make the most out of the time they are given each day!

* Disclosure: I was compensated in product  however all opinions are my own.

 Jennifer Ford Berry

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    Hi Susan. Good question. 1) it is silent so there is not ticking to distract you 2) the visual of the red slipping away is such a powerful reminder of how much time you have or how long something takes

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