Video: Organize Your Cleaning Routine

Tips to help you organize your cleaning routine:

  • Set a timer: most of us are too busy to do all our spring cleaning in one shot.  Set the time for 30-60 minute increments and go to it! When the timer goes off you are done for the day. 
  • Season Swap: every spring and fall in our home I do what I call a “Season Swap”.  This consists of moving out items that I am done using from the previous season and replacing them with items I will need for the upcoming season.  Depending on where you live this may be more or less useful.  Here in New York we have many seasons so being prepared saves me a ton of time and helps my family make the most of each season.  Here are some areas that can benefit from a season swap: Fire proof safe: this is a great time of year to find all those important papers and documents and place them into a fire proof safe.  Include photos, birth certificates, marriage license, passports etc.
    • Entryway:send coats to dry cleaners, trade those hats, mittens and boots for beach towels, beach bag and flip flops!
    • Closets: change over your clothes over to the new season. But first part with those clothes that you never wore during the past season.
    • Pantry: fill your pantry with those staples you will need for entertaining: paper plates, tortilla chips, drinks etc
    • Don’t forget to clean:
      • Light and ceiling fixtures
      • Refrigerator coils
      • Your vehicle!
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