Organize Your Work-Life Balance

Organize Your Work-Life Balance

  Organize Your Work-Life Balance

We are a work-centered culture! We have been conditioned to think that work should bring us fulfillment, give us our identity, measure our value, and improve our lives. This is not true. You have heard the mantra, work to live don’t live to work. Now’s the time to put this into practice. When you add in the time it takes to commute many people spend way more than 40 hours per week on work. People who own their own business, especially a home-based business hardly leave work at all!

Remember “No” is a complete sentence. The reason why it is hard to say no is because we are worried about what the other person will think of us. We make our own choices and it is only up to us how we spend our time.

3 Goals for This Week:

1. Evaluate your work week. How many hours are you working each day? How many hours are you expected to work each day? If you are salaried, talk to your human resources representative to confirm how many hours you are expected to work each day and each week. How many hours do you want to work each day?

2. If you work from home or are self-employed set regular office hours and stick to them. Schedule a start time, a morning break, lunch time, an afternoon break and an end time for each day. If possible, use the same schedule every day or for as many days a week as possible.  Let your family know these hours. Stick with this schedule for at least a month. It takes 21 days to create a new habit, so give it time to take effect.

3. Make it a goal to have some amount of free time each day. Free time is not twenty minutes left over at the end of the day a couple times a week. It is something you should make time for in your schedule every day. You deserve it and need it! Don’t worry if some days you get more free time than others just make sure you are leaving some breathing room.


Establish boundaries with others when necessary.

* Before you leave work, reach a good stopping point for the project you are working on so you can start fresh the next day and not worry about it at home.


I can’t lie sometimes I struggle with this whole work-life balance thing myself on a daily basis.  But overall, on a yearly or lifetime basis, I feel pretty good about it.  My life is extremely full and credit that to: my faith, making family a priority, doing work I love and making time for me and my friendships.  If you can get to that point I will promise you one thing…you will feel like you are  living your life on purpose and you will not regret one minute for doing so!

 *If you need more help with your work-life balance consider registering for my upcoming Facebook challenge: Declutter Your Business.  You can also read more of my tips and resources for this topic in Organize Now! your money, business and career.

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