You Get What You Give

So as I mentioned in an earlier post my friend’s 9 year old son was recently diagnosed with a rare brain tumor.  Within a few days of hearing this news from my friend I knew we needed to organize a benefit to help pay for his medical expenses.

Around Christmas time I was feeling the urge to do something big to give back.  With our house mostly completed and not currently writing I felt that I could make some time to volunteer.  I told myself I would keep my ears and eyes open for a cause that tugged on my heart strings.

About 3 weeks into the planning for the benefit it hit me…THIS is what I was meant to be doing to give back.  This is what tugged at my heart strings, in fact the situation was so close to my heart that I didn’t even think twice about jumping in full force!

It didn’t hurt that I am good at managing my time (and I am organized 🙂 so it wasn’t difficult to make time for this project even though my schedule is pretty tight.

I can honestly say that this will forever be added to the list of “Things I Am Most Proud Of”.  This experience has proven to me how good it feels to help someone else and more importantly to give.  It is what God wants us all to do…give love freely, openly and without expectation.

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