Today’s episode is about a story that should be on Dateline or at the very least covered by the news.  It is a story that will break any parent’s heart.  Our guest, Laura Koepp, shares the story of what happened when her daughter Cassy, a young woman with disabilities, was deplaned for taking her mask down on an airplane when she needed to swallow her medicine.


My hope is that this story will spread as a reminder to all of us that we need LESS judgment in this world and more empathy and compassion as we navigate these confusing times.  Please be sure to listen through to the end for Cassy’s powerful statement to the security guard that forcibly removed her from the plane.


*In order to fully understand what Cassy has been through and her disabilities, please listen to EPISODE 3.  This is the episode where Laura shares the full story of her daughter’s car accident as written in her book Broken: A Mother’s Story.

Broken: A Mother's Story

UPDATE From Southwest Airlines About Cassy Being Deplaned!

About a month after this show aired Laura was thrilled to receive this letter from Southwest Airlines.  Although we still feel the Koepp family deserves a FULL refund it was nice for this story to at least be acknowledged.  Our prayer is that Mr. Kelly will make sure to remind his staff how to treat passengers/customers fairly.
deplaned by southwest airlines

About Laura Koepp

deplanedLaura Koepp is a naturopathic doctor, wife, and mother of two girls. She is also the author of Broken: A Mother’s Story.


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