February 19, 2019

Since launching the Created Order Conference this year, I have had a lot of people ask me: “Why are you having the first conference in Charlotte, NC?”  So I want to share my background with all of you so that you can see why Charlotte has a piece of my heart.   Upon graduation from college at Florida Atlantic University I moved to Charlotte, NC.  At the time I was living with my then “fiance” now […]

February 18, 2019

Bathroom organization is actually pretty simple.  The bathroom is most likely the first thing you see in the morning. If you are beginning your day in a cluttered mess, you’re setting the stage for a stressed-out day! The bathroom is also usually the smallest room in the house but one in which you spend a lot of time. The only items that should be stored in this room should relate to bathing, hygiene, toilette or […]

February 13, 2019

  Yesterday my dear friend Kim hosted a “We Be Ball’n” party and let me tell you we had a blast!  What in the world is a “We Be Ball’n” party you ask?  Well, it is a class/party in which you learn how to make all sorts of protein balls.  Perfect if you have a family that needs to cut down on cookies and granola bars.  We learned there are a ton of different ways […]

February 12, 2019

February is the month we focus on beauty products in the Organize Now Challenge.  If you have not already joined our Facebook community be sure to join today, it’s free!  You can also follow along for organizing ideas on Instagram.  Gather Up All Of Your: Hair Products: shampoo, conditioner, hair spray, gel, mouse Makeup Nail Products:  polish, remover Bath & Shower Products: shaving cream, bath bombs, bubble bath The Challenge: I challenge you to […]

February 2, 2019

My daughter and I are totally in love with the TV series: This Is Us.  I am not a big crier but for some reason every time we watch that show I cry!  I cry happy tears, sad tears and for seemingly no reason at all.   The show shares the entire story of a family from both the parents’ point of view and from the kids’ point of view.  As most families do, they […]