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I recently did an interview on the Boss Life Podcast with the super sweet and successful Stefanie Peters.  Her show is so inspirational you guys!  Check it out.



God put a huge purpose inside of each and every one of us. Sometimes it can be daunting to be asking ourselves what our purpose is or what are we put on this planet to do. However, as you keep taking that next best step, God is going to align it all together. Organizational expert and bestselling author Jennifer Ford Berry knew organizing was a gift where she could help a lot of women. She soon realizes her bigger purpose was empowering broken women and helping them see hope again. Jennifer believes that organizing physical clutter can also declutter the body, the mind, and the spirit, leading to clarity on what your bigger purpose is. Jennifer takes us into her background story from getting laid off from her job to taking that time frame, building on it, and getting crystal clear on where God wanted her to be.


I feel truly God has put a huge purpose inside of each and every one of us. Sometimes it can be daunting to be like, “What is my purpose? What am I put on this planet to do?” As you keep doing that next right best step, God is going to align it all together. It’s cool that you’re like, “I don’t know exactly how this is going to play out, but I’m going to take that next best step.” I’d love for you to share what would be your top three tips for defining what your purpose is and how you would take action on them?

Here’s the thing, that was the beginning of the bigger purpose, but sixteen years ago I knew my purpose was to help women. I knew that women needed help and I knew organizing was a gift where I could help them. Deep in my soul I didn’t want to teach them how to have a perfectly organized closet. That didn’t do enough for me. I love organizing a closet. I love still to this day working one-on-one with my clients. I absolutely love it, but I knew that my bigger purpose was empowering women. I even remember going to a local transitional house where women that had gotten out of abusive marriages were in hiding at this house in my town. I went to them and I said I want to teach an empowerment for women class. Those women were broken. They were hard to connect with because they were like, “Look at you, you didn’t walk through my shoes, so how can you empower me?” I knew in my heart that I could, that I knew if I taught them about God that they could start to see hope again.

Even though I was organizing, when I would meet with my clients, I would try to talk about God here and there a little bit, but I wasn’t as bold about it as I am now back then. I knew deep down that if I could remove the clutter from their lives, they would start seeing their life as a more potential. Quite honestly, I thought it felt then and I still do that I can see people’s potential more than they can see it themselves. I was clearing clutter on the outside but deep down I was like, I want to get this girl to a higher level. They might not even realize they’re going there, but they are going.

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