November 30, 2022

My guest today shares his near-death experience with us and how it increased his faith and gave him a closer look at God. Like many believers, Jeremy Downs was done with empty religion and heard-them-before “motivational speaking” sermons. He wanted to experience a spirituality that sparked life, one that was meaningful.   He tried switching […]

November 25, 2022

As women, it seems like we are busier and have more on our plates than ever before!  No wonder the number one thing I hear from women is “I am so overwhelmed!”  If you want to learn how to feel less overwhelmed you will want to listen to this episode of The 29 Minute Mom.  Coach […]

November 16, 2022

This episode is for all of you ladies that own your own business!  If you are ready to learn how to scale your small business you will want to grab a notepad and take notes during this episode!   My guest Lindsay Pinchuk has learned how to scale a small business all the way to […]

November 2, 2022

Deborah Conrad, is back on the show today to give us a covid vaccine update.  Deborah is the whistleblower that came on the show last year.  If you haven’t listened to episode 100 be sure to check it out now when she tells us her story about getting fired after over 20 years in the […]

October 27, 2022

This episode is all about how to create a vision for your life.  If you can not visualize your endpoint, how will you know how to get there, and how will you know when you have arrived?   When was the last time you gave yourself permission to daydream about your life?  When I was […]

October 13, 2022

    Hi there ladies! I hope everyone is doing well and that you have all gotten back into the swing of things with your kids back to school and a new season.  There is so much going on.  I know that over here it has been a time of reset for my business after […]

  I love today’s topic: how to practice stewardship in your home! I think stewardship is one of the most beautiful things in the world.   The Bible says we are to be stewards of this world. We are responsible for managing what God has given us.  He has given us so much and put so […]

Hi Moms!!! Today I am tackling MEAL PREP!  I know this is not everyone’s favorite topic, but it is a very important one that, using the tips I talk about in this episode, might make it not be so bad after all!   I know you are all so busy, so I am all about […]

September 9, 2022

  Okay, moms, the kids are officially back to school!  It’s time to recenter, reset, and prep for the new season! In today’s episode, I go over what my Fall prep looks like and I hope this will inspire you to find what works best for you when gearing up for the Fall.   First, […]

August 26, 2022

If you want to get your money organized, learn how to save money, and invest it properly, you are in the right place!  Today my guest, Britt Williams Baker, will be discussing how to achieve financial independence.   My new book, Make Room, talks about how when you get organized you free up Space, Time, […]

  Okay moms, so your kids come home at the end of the school year, or from camp, or at the start of the school year, well okay, let’s face it, all year long, with all that stuff!  All those papers and projects.  What do you do with it all?  You need a system in […]

July 21, 2022

  How does clutter affect your health? Has this question ever crossed your mind?  Please welcome our guest, Julie Barton, author of the book, The Clutter-Health Connection, as she unravels the impact clutter could be having on your physical and mental well-being.   It’s not just about wanting your house to look beautiful so you […]