I believe that when Christmas is Christ-centered it is truly magical.  It reminds us all that there is always something to put our trust in.  There is a reason to believe and a reason to hope. As a child, I was blessed to feel the magic of Christmas and to have parents and grandparents that made this possible.


Several years ago I was hearing about so many children that were not going to have a Christmas due to their families going through difficult times.  This hurt my heart immensely and I felt like I need to do something to help.

I never want a child to feel neglected or sad but especially not on Christmas.


This is the reason that Christmas Cheer for Childen was born. It started out small when my husband and I lived in North Carolina.  We teamed up with the Gaston County Sheriff Department, where Josh worked at the time and the local Department of Social Services.  At the time we did not have children of our own and we did all of the shopping and wrapping ourselves which was so much fun!


We have since moved to New York and started this cause here.  Our own children now help shop and deliver the gifts.  What started out as a way for our family to give back has grown to a community of people that want to give these Children a reason to be cheerful on Christmas.  God is so good!  We now work with local schools and organizations to obtain lists of items that kids need and a few wants.  We then have volunteers that will shop for these children.  The items are given to the families so that they can wrap them and place them under the tree.


If you would like to join our cause we would greatly appreciate your help!