Happy Holidays everyone!

I am sure this post is finding you somewhere in the world feeling stress-free, joyful and content with how far ahead you are on your holiday To Do list.  You are probably cuddled up on your couch under your new, favorite cozy blanket you found on Instagram.



You are probably staring at your Pinterest worthy decorated tree in your gorgeously decorated house sipping hot chocolate right now. This Christmas thing is entirely under control. Girl, I know you are 100% ready for Better Homes and Gardens to show up at your door at any minute if they need a model for their December spread.  If I just described you to a “T” then honey this is not the post for you.  I am giving you a virtual high five and sending you on your merry little way because you are a rock star. You don’t need to waste your precious time reading this post.


(Photo by Ballard Designs: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/524458319103275392/)


However, if that little description up there is who you want to be and not exactly who you are keep reading because I get you and I want to help you!  See I understand you because I sometimes find myself comparing our home and our Christmas to those ridiculously staged photos on social media too!  But then I stop and remind myself of what I know to be true for my holiday season.

My two main goals for this time of year are:


#1 enjoy my favorite time of year

#2 make memories with those I love that will last for years to come


I learned a long time ago that the less I procrastinate, the more I can meet my two goals.  I have also learned that things don’t have to be perfect they have to get done.  And I have learned to ask for help from my family when I need it!  Maybe this should be a list of what I have learned about preparing for the holidays…hmmm.  Nah!  You get the picture.

But seriously I want to share some of my favorite organizing tips for getting it all done during the Christmas season AND still getting to enjoy this particular time of year.


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The price is usually $20.  But today I want to give you the checklist for FREE and give you a 75% off coupon for the audio pack until December 31st because honey I know you need this!

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God Bless!