closet organization tips


Guess what?  There are so many closet organization tips like hang like things together, use streamlined hangers, organize by color and then sleeve length.  But there is one tip that I live by…keep reading.


I just MAJORLY purged my closet. I do this once a year.


As in I go through EVERYTHING with someone else that can give me a second opinion on what looks good on me and what doesn’t.


I used to do this with a stylist but now I do it with my daughter. She has a great eye for style and it makes the process even more fun.


Having someone else with you will help you be ruthless! I don’t know about you but as soon as someone else makes “the face” about a piece it’s reassurance that it needs to go BUH BYE! I have had SO much fun doing this with my clients too.


Here is the closet organization tip I live by…I ask myself:


Do I feel good in it?


If you don’t feel good in your clothes you won’t want to wear them out of the house.


And that isn’t just about comfort it’s about feeling like your best most confident self in your clothes.


So go on, be RUTHLESS with your closet today! There is nothing worst than facing an over-stuffed closet each day.


Clean it out and leave ONLY the things that you feel good in


Besides girl, you’re better than that outdated dress or that pilling shirt!


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