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It IS possible to find the peace that being organized brings.

What if I told you that you didn’t have to search endlessly for important paperwork?

What if you could spend less time moving your stuff around because everything has a home?

Do you dream of living in an organized home that is peaceful, simple and easy to maintain?

Small steps can lead you to BIG results. It doesn’t have to all be done at once. And, with these courses, it’s not.

I break the current project down into weekly tasks. You can further break those tasks down to fit into your lifestyle and schedule. You can use these courses to get to every aspect of your life, and home, starting with the paper and use these small steps to make a BIG change.

You may think that the clutter is only affecting your physical space but, this is a myth. It affects SO MUCH MORE. Everything we own takes a certain level of S.T.E.M from our life: Space, Time, Energy, and Money. Creating a plan and vision for your life so that you can begin to live on purpose involves evaluating the amount of S.T.E.M you want back in your life so you have more to give to your true purpose and top priorities.

Will it be easy? Not always. Some weeks you’ll finish and be ready for more. Some tasks will be longer and require more work, more effort. But, if I’ve learned anything, it’s that anything worth doing, is worth doing right! And when you see the changes that are being made, to your space and your overall well-being, you’ll be more motivated to move on to the next task.

You can clear the clutter and live a life that allows you to find your highest potential and your happiest life.

paper purge project

What you’ll be getting with this course!

* A step-by-step plan to help you purge the paper you do not need and organize the paper you do need.

* Weekly tasks to follow.

* Two recordings from Jennifer that will help you get motivated and ready to take action!

* Resources that will help get you organized.

* A community of others who are working towards the same goal. Connect, discuss, and celebrate your successes as you work through the weekly tasks.

I am so sick of the clutter and ready to make a change!

Are you ready? Ready for less stuff? Less stress? More freedom? It starts here and now.