super laundry
Do you feel buried in a pile or mountain of laundry that seems like it is never-ending? WE DO! As mom’s, we hear you high above the laundry mountain tops and know the challenges mom’s face in conquering the never-ending pile of laundry.  Managing laundry can sure feel like a full-time job but there are ways to tackle it with our super laundry tips.  We want you to feel a sense of accomplishment every day and not have the doom and gloom of laundry spinning around and around not only in your washer but in your head.


Fear, not mama’s! If you are on the quest to for once and for all get on a laundry routine, then this is the podcast for you. You need not worry about the challenges of laundry anymore, we will help you establish a routine you can handle every day.  So grab your laundry basket, pop in some earbuds and listen to Jen & Jenn’s solutions to make your laundry chores stress free and maybe even a little fun!

Episode Talking Points:

* Do one or two loads per day.

* Tips for getting your kids to help with laundry.

* Jen shares her “dirty little secret”.

* How to make laundry less overwhelming.

* Simple steps you can take today that will help you get a handle on your laundry.

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