keep it simple


Can you imagine being the mom of four boys?  How about adding in a husband all under one roof and still keeping the house organized?  Well, Angela Mancini sure can…she lives it!  In this podcast, Jennifer sits down with Angela and asks her to share the ways she is keeping things simple and organized in her busy home.  Jennifer and Angela have worked together on creating systems that work.  Angela shares everything she has learned throughout this process, as well as, her insights on how a simpler home has benefited her and her family.


In this episode:

1. What Angela has to say about gifts that are given to her kids.


2. What schoolwork does she keep and what does she toss?


3. Teaching kids to part with things.


4. How to simplify a child’s bedroom.


5. Finding joy in giving your kids’ outgrown items away.


6. The benefits of maintaining a simple home.


7. The one thing Angela gave away that she misses!

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