Today’s guest is Amy DeBrucque is talking about her new book: Embolden.  Embolden means to give (someone) the courage or confidence to do something or behave in a certain way.  Amy and her daughter decided to write this book together in order to encourage other women.  This episode, and this book, will encourage women of all ages.


Young women are often unfairly judged by misconceptions and stereotypes, which can affect courage and confidence.


Embolden will meet you where you are but not keep you there. Whether you are at the beginning of your faith journey or seeking growth and fulfillment beyond worldly expectations and experiences, this book is for you. Through this unique self-reflection journal, Em.bold.en will help you grow in faith, friendship, and community. This self-help workbook will help you discover the next brave steps and actions to conquer your fears and insecurities. This spirituality journal will lead you to learn more about the love of God and the transformation that can happen when you read His words.


Are you ready to get brave? Redefine boldness.


About Amy Debrucque

emboldenAmy Debrucque is a wife, mom of four, cancer survivor, and co-author of Embolden. She is the founder of the Life On Purpose Movement and host of the Life On Purpose Podcast where she encourages women to live on purpose instead of fear. Amy loves entertaining with family and friends. A self-proclaimed “beach junkie”, health nut, and chocolate lover, she loves cooking, baking, attending her kids’ sporting events, and getting in weekly HIIT workouts with her friend Alice.




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