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Learning how to navigate grief is never easy.  But it is so important to learn how.  There are many stages of grief and ways to get through them.  Our guest today, Krista St-Germain has become an expert on grief after her husband was killed by a drunk driver.  She has since dedicated her life to helping other women that are grieving.  Whether you have experienced a loss or are feeling sad and depressed this episode is for you.  I pray that this brings you peace and the courage to move forward in your life.  YOU ARE NOT ALONE SISTER!  I love you and I am here for you if you need.



About Krista St-Germain

how to navigate grief


Krista St-Germain is a Master Certified Life Coach, grief expert, widow, mom, and host of The Widowed Mom Podcast. When her husband was killed by a drunk driver in 2016, Krista’s life was completely flipped upside down. And while it would have been easy to believe her best days were behind her, thankfully Krista discovered Life Coaching and Post Traumatic Growth and was able to move forward and create a future she could get excited about. Now she coaches and teaches other widows so they can love life again, too.

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