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Christian life coach Amberly Deavours is with us today talking about all things to do with life coaching. Coaching is an amazing resource we all have at our fingertips these days. You can find a coach to help you with just about anything! One of the best things about working with a coach is that they keep you accountable for staying on track. They don’t let you give up and they can be your biggest cheerleader. If you have not worked with a coach in the past I highly recommend you do so. Coaches need coaches so Amberly is actually my current coach. If you need help getting organized I would love to coach you. Happy listening!


About Amberly Deavours

christian life coach

Amberly is first and foremost, a Believer. She has been married to the backbone of her husband, Bray for 17 years and they have 5 children. Most recently, they left the hustle and bustle of the Atlanta suburbs for 72 acres in a little town outside of Greenville, SC. Amberly is a certified Christian life and business coach. Having created two separate 6-figure businesses in a 3 year span of time, she now works with other Christian life and wellness coaches to start and scale their coaching business in her lifetime group coaching program: The Christian Life Coach Academy.

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