things that matter


In every home, there are things that matter and things that really don’t.  In this podcast Life’s Organization Expert, Jennifer Ford Berry discusses the stuff in our homes that truly matters, even after we have left this earth. She also shares her very personal story of helping people she loves move out of their home. This podcast may literally be life-changing for many of you. It contains hard lessons that Jennifer has learned throughout the years of organizing hundreds of homes.

In this episode:


1. You may be surprised how little really matters in your home.


2. Why it is absolutely crucial to get your things organized NOW.


3. Why waiting for “someday” doesn’t work.


4. The stuff that is really worth saving when you have to clear out someone’s house that has passed on.


5. Photos, Greeting Cards, Letters & Journals: which ones to keep and why. Very freeing!


6. We give THINGS way too much power and credit.


7. You have permission to not keep things out of guilt.


8. Learn to have an open hand and give!


9. Why getting your stuff organized and taking responsibility for your belongings is the best gift you can give your children.


10. How you can use your stuff to leave behind the story of your life.


11. Be intentional!


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