choose joy
What does it mean to choose joy?  We all want more joy in our life but how exactly do we find it?


Life is hard and it is inevitable that we will face hard times. But, even in the midst of life’s crummy circumstances, we can learn where to look for Joy, how to get more Joy and why God wants us to experience joy in abundance.

Episode Talking Points

* How to discover our Joy.

* Joy and happiness are not the same things.

* Joy is never based on your circumstances.

* How we can choose joy in the midst of our pain.

* Joy is a choice we make every day.

* The two “cups” that exist in a life with Jesus.

* We can not find it apart from Christ.

* How to defend our Joy.

* The battle for joy comes in dealing with our “stinkin thinkin”.

* Whatever “cup” you pay more attention to will be the one you experience more of.

* God creates our brains a certain way and gives instructions on how to think properly.

* Why we should declare our Joy.

* Defiant joy.

* God is the author of joy and the source of ours.


About Pam Washburn

Pastor Pam Washburn is the mother of 4 children, three of whom are triplets! Listen to her story about what she learned about finding joy in life even through her darkest moments.






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