organize kitchen cupboards

We are back again with another week of the Organize Now Challenge!!!  This week we are going to organize kitchen cupboards!  Would you be embarrassed if I looked into your kitchen cupboards? If so, this is the week for you because we can fix that. I want you to be proud of your cupboards. I want them to look so good you will hope that your girlfriends come over and open them all up just you can feel the pride! I’m telling you no matter how bad those babies are today they can make you scream with glee by the end of the week!

Episode Talking Points

So if you have the book open up to Week 23. This week we will organize kitchen cupboards. In the podcast below I talk about the following topics:

* Be honest with yourself.

* Use a holding tank.

* Items that should be stored near the dishwasher.

* Items that should be stored near the stove.

* Use up what you have.

* Plastic containers.

* Think outside the box.


Once you have finished some of your cupboards please post your pics in the Facebook group (Organize Now Challenge) or here under the podcast. Don’t be nervous! We are all in this together. The group is really kind and full of encouragement!

Do not forget the maintenance! In order to keep this area organized refer to page 117 in the book, Organize Now!


Good job today. You have completed the second week in the Organize Now Challenge.


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