You may be surprised to know that approximately 1 million expectant mothers suffer a pregnancy loss every year just in the United States alone. 1 out of 4 pregnancies ends prematurely in miscarriage, stillbirth, or tubal pregnancy.  Why do some people bounce back after a tragic loss when others don’t?  What is it that empowers them to keep moving forward through grief with a sense of hope?


Pam Vredevelt, Love and Loss Expert, Professional Therapist, and best selling author, wrestled with these questions after losing her first baby halfway to term, and years later, her sixteen-year-old son following a car accident.


This is something that touches close to home for me. We lost two babies in between our daughter and son. I never realized how common miscarriages are until we went through that experience.  It is a devastating loss. Both for a mother and a father.  So my prayer for today’s show is to give hope and comfort to those of you that have experienced a loss like this and also to give wisdom and understanding to those who haven’t in case someone you love goes through this.

Episode Talking Points:

* Our personal stories of pregnancy loss.

*  The importance of sharing our pain with others that we trust.

* Why mothers feel shame when they lose a baby during pregnancy.

* The role that facing our loss plays in healing our heart.

* What we can do to work through our grief.

* The moment when I told my children they have siblings in Heaven.


pregnancy loss

Pam’s gifts to our listeners:

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About Pam Vredevelt

pregnancy lossPam’s reputation as a sought-after counselor, popular conference speaker, and best-selling author is built on her ability to explore real-life issues with authenticity, warmth, and humor. Compelling stories, engaging faith, and perceptive insight give Pam the rare ability to inspire and empower audiences with practical tools for long-lasting change. Pam is married to her best friend, John, and has four children. Two reside in the United States, two are in heaven. During the last 25 years, Pam has served thousands of individuals as a professional counselor in private practice. Coming alongside those in the depths of pain, she has walked with them on the path of healing. Her grace-filled wisdom, refreshing hope, and practical counsel have guided many towards recovery.


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