paul peterson
Paul Peterson is a pastor at Church 180 and a personal trainer at Brutal Iron Gym. Paul is also a dad of SIX girls ranging in age from 5-14 and married to his wife Sherry for the past 20 years.


Episode Talking Points

* Paul’s Ministry Miscarriage

* How Paul turned his hair cut allowance into a gym membership!

* God created our body as a temple.

* If we care for our body well our spirit is much more likely to be healthy and fully engaged.

* Everything is connected.

* Asking God to help us get motivated to get fit.

* Why do women have a distorted view of themselves and how can we overcome that?

* Paul’s theory of how performing in a fitness show can literally change your life.

* “Someday your boobs are going to sag and your butt is going to drop but the person you are becoming in the process of training will never go away”. Why women need to acknowledge and embrace the beauty that comes from within.

* 1 Peter: 3:4

* Life in Rhythm

* Marriage: The two things that make Paul’s marriage work.

* Parenting:


About Paul Peterson

My life consists of two distinct chapters: pre-Jesus and post-Jesus.

Pre-Jesus I was a…

  • High school dropout
  • Bit of a wreck #fulldisclosurewouldnotbegood
  • Hopeless wanderer with no reason to live

Post- Jesus I am…

  • Married to my amazingly talented and beautiful bride, Sherri
  • “Daddy” to “The Ladies” (SIX daughters)
  • Educated, having earned two Master’s degrees
  • Living a focused, purposeful life – to help people discover the life Jesus promised!

My ministry experience

* Army Chaplain in the 101st Airborne Division! #HOOOAH


* Pastor of Church180 in Rock Hill, SC!


* Led a church planting effort in Cincinnati, Ohio that did not succeed. This was one of the most brutal and yet most maturing ministry/personal experiences I’ve had thus far!


* In 2007 we were in a church planting residency in Cumming, GA through in conjunction with Mountain Lake Church.


* Prior to the residency, I served as senior pastor at Northgate Free Methodist Church in Batavia, NY. In our last year of ministry there, 280 people gave their lives to Christ. When we left, the church was running over 800 in weekend attendance and it continues to grow under the new leadership of Pastor Andy Sass. (Read this post to get a sense of what was happening @ Northgate!)


* Before serving in NY, I served as the senior pastor of the Arlington Avenue First Free Methodist Church. During our time there the church grew from 50 to 130 on the weekend, a large part of which was conversion growth.

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