dolores catania
Note: Dolores was in a hotel room in Atlantic City when we recorded the interview without a strong Wifi connection so you will hear that her voice seems farther away then Jennifer’s on the call.


Our guest in this episode of The 29 Minute Mom is Dolores Catania. Dolores is the newest cast member of the hit show on Bravo: The Real Housewives of New Jersey. She is also the owner of Powerhouse Gym in Oldbridge, NJ, and Whipiney.  Dolores is the mom of two children Gabrielle (21) and Frankie(18) and several dogs.  Known lovingly as the “real deal” by her friends, Dolores is not one to sugar coat anything and always brings blunt honesty to the table along with unwavering loyalty and a great sense of humor to match.

Episode Talking Points

* How Dolores kept it “REAL” on The Real Housewives of New Jersey

* Why last season was the first time that Dolores was ready to be a cast member on the RHONJ.

* Why women should not settle in their life.

* Dolores on motherhood and raising children into adulthood.

* We just had to talk about Dolores’s son Frankie…now an American heartthrob.

* How being on a hit reality show affects Dolores’s entire family.

* Her relationship with her ex-husband Frank. The hard times they have faced and where they are today.

* The day Dolores decided her divorce would not be detrimental to her kids.

* Dolores discusses her faith: where it comes from and how much she relies on it today.

* Her work with rescue dogs and her passion for helping these animals.

* A Walk To Remember

About Dolores Catania

dolores cataniaDolores Catania is a mother, philanthropist, entrepreneur, and the living embodiment of a modern-day housewife. She has worked tirelessly to ensure a cohesive family unit with her two children and ex-husband turned business partner, Frank. With her daughter, Gabrielle, studying in veterinary school and her son, Frankie, away at college “Dolo” keeps herself more than busy with work, her many rescue pets, and by fueling her passion for helping the community. Staying true to her humble beginnings, she earned the key to her hometown of Paterson, NJ for her deep commitment to improving the city. Her involvement with organizations such as St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital, The Onyx & Breezy Foundation, and multiple local women’s and children’s shelters helps her live out her motto of “everyone has something to give.”

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