broken a mother's story
Laura Koepp is the author of the book Broken: A Mother’s Story. Her book is an emotionally driven roller coaster ride of ups and downs and the countless struggles they endured after their daughter was in a car accident. She begins her story by retelling us what happened, on that cold wintry night when her daughter Cassy left the house. This raw testimonial will inspire you. I am warning listeners that this podcast will make you cry! But, it will also make you hold your children closer, appreciate the little things, and remember that with faith in God ANYTHING is possible. Laura’s story is one that will give any mother goosebumps. Her faith is remarkable and so is her strength.

In the midst of a wintry storm, Laura begged her daughter to stay safe at home. Then, in a split second, a parent’s worst nightmare! She’s crushed in an accident and fighting to stay alive, completely broken. Their lives were instantly changed forever.

Episode Talking Points

* Laura asks her daughter not to leave the house one wintry night.


* 20-30 minutes Laura and her husband received a call that would shatter their lives.


* When they receive all of the horrid details at the hospital about their daughter.


* Laura turns to her faith and feels like God is wrapping her in His Love.


* They begin to endure the hospital stay not knowing what the outcome would be but Laura takes a very specific approach.


* The long road to recovery.


* Laura wants other people that read this book to know…


* When fear and anxiety get the best of us as moms Laura has this life-changing advice for us.


* How this nightmare has changed Laura’s family.  “God has our backs”.


* How Laura’s daughter, Cassidy, is doing today.

About Laura Koepp

Laura Koepp is a naturopathic doctor, wife, and mother of two girls. She is also the author of Broken: A Mother’s Story.


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