In this podcast Author Yvonne Lacey and Jennifer Ford Berry talk about Yvonne’s newest book: Taking Back Your Holidays: A whimsical guide to the holidays with tips, tricks, and trivia for a lighter, brighter Christmas! 🎄


Follow along with these talking points:


  • Why did you write this book?
  • What used to “cheer” now becomes “chore”.
  • What do you mean by Taking Back Your Holidays?
  • How can we OWN our holidays?
  • Boundaries during the holidays.
  • Being present in your current season!
  • Remembering that the holidays are an excuse to take pause in life and enjoy it! Not a reason to get more work done!
  • What helpful tips do you have to make it easier for moms?
  • Communicate expectations.
  • What can you give up?
  • Christmas is truly about others.
  • Why do people try to do it all during the holiday season?
  • What can you do to relieve the stress during the holidays?
  • Where can our listeners find your book?


Take Back Your Holidays

Meet Dr. Xmas, your consummate holiday expert. Born on December 25th (we’ll save the year), the holiday has held a special place in her heart since she was a tiny tot. She’s made Christmas and all its festivities, myths and folklore her niche. Exploring Christmas—its joy and magic and what it means to those around her is where she puts just some of her unstoppable, bubbly yuletide energy.

In her book, she also explores holiday themes, rituals and those crazy things we do each holiday season. Some of these you may have been wondering about for years, others well—who knew? All in the name of peace on earth and peace of mind: Why do we fill socks? What’s with kissing under mistletoe and whose brilliant idea was it for making fruitcake anyway?

Her goal? To spread good tidings of great cheer and all things Tiny Tim to a sometimes too-busy-for-Christmas world. Whew! Now that’s something worth striving for, don’t you think?

Taking Back Your Holidays: A whimsical guide to the holidays with tips, tricks and trivia for a lighter, brighter Christmas! 🎄yvonne lacey


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