In this episode, Jennifer speaks with Author, Speaker, and Minister Laura Dudek.  Laura has written several amazing bible studies including her newest study called Written: Captivating & Cultivating The Blueprint Of Your Dream!



Follow along with these talking points:


– Why Laura wrote the bible study: Written.


-You may feel like you are behind in going after your dream but God wants you to know that you are already on the journey to achieving your dreams you just need the eyes to see it.


-Are you blind to what God is trying to do with your life?


-God can show you little seeds that have been planted throughout your life pointing toward the dreams he gave you!


-Find out how God has already equipped you to fulfill your dream.


-Make a list of 5 things you can do right now!


-We always want to know how the deep the water is before we jump in but sometimes it is time to just jump in!


-It’s completely OK to be a little messy and imperfect.


-It is not about the “quick” it’s about the “lasting”.


-The mimic seasons of your life.


Laura’s Bio: A redeemed life starts with a spark of hope that things can change- that life can come from a seemingly dead valley.  My passion is to ignite hope in your story- to encourage your soul to believe that there is Savior who can rescue you from your valley and restore everything that was once stolen; to inspire courage for you to embrace every aspect of your entire story.  Every piece of your storyline is written and lived intentionally- every part holds purpose in the kingdom of God, and God will turn every heartbreak into a song that will sing of praise and hope to the world around you.  And my hope is to speak life over your heart and empower you to do the same for others. Read more


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