Created Order Conference for women and teens

As the Created Order Conference gets nearer, we bring you more spoilers of what is to come with two more of the speakers. Holly Pasut, an author, blogger, public speaker, and former real estate agent, gives us a peek into her session Choosing To Stand. Encouraging women to reflect and take control of their thoughts, she lets go of some of the bitter things in life and teaches us to accept the unanswered questions. On the other hand, organization coach Jennifer Burnham guides us to declutter our life by making organizing simple. She teaches us to become more efficient and take back our time.

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Pep Talk For Women Part 2 with Holly Pasut and Jennifer Burnham

Here is another speaker for our Created Order Conference. Holly Pasut, we’re glad you could join us. I want you to tell the audience a little bit about yourself, so we can get excited to hear you speak at the conference in Charlotte on June 28th and 29th. Welcome.


Thank you. First of all, I’m excited that you asked me. I love the name of the conference. I would have to say mine is more about recreating and redesigning my order. I’m excited. For those that will see me speak, look out because here I come. Bring your game face and be ready to get out of your seats. That’s how we’re going to do it.


This has to be a high-energy conference. Women are always inundated with stuff to do on a daily basis. Sometimes we need to let loose.


This is the time to do it. There’s nothing to prove, just come out and have a great time. I’m going to share a personal story, which could happen to anybody. It happened to me. At the same time, a lot of people will be able to relate to it. Through this story, they’ll also come to understand that life is not all about who you are, who you know, how big your house is, how many diamonds you have on your finger because I have none. It’s going to be a lot of reflection.


Women don’t take a lot of time out for that because they’re busy with their to-do lists. At this point in my life, I want to learn more about myself and grow as a person. I feel like the more we grow inside, the more successful we can become and the more we can reach our highest purpose. I’m excited that you mentioned reflection. That’s a big part. It’s part of the changing process and where they’re going to go. We’ve said this with all the speakers. We want this to be a life-changing event. We want them to know that we’re building a community and that we’re not going to leave them hanging after the conference is over. Your session is session three and the name of it is Choosing to Stand. I want you to tell the audience, what’s your main goal for your session? What do you want the women to get out of it?


There are a few main goals. You might look at me and think, “She looks like a member of the country club.” At the same time, you don’t know what people are going through or where they have been or what’s in their closet. You get a room full of women and you say everyone has a story, and then you start listening to all the stories and you go, “Everybody does have a story.” Sometimes life is going to throw us things that we’re not asking for. We don’t have the ability. We cannot change the circumstances. The only thing that you can control, which I have become good at, is I have learned to control my thoughts. I’ve had a lot of practice. Unless you go through a little bit of hell, you may not get all that practice.


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When life is going great, life is great. When you have a life-changing event, which I know that there will be women there that will and they will be able to relate to that, sometimes you have to choose to stand based on your own thoughts. Sometimes, I’m going to say “we women” because we’re threaded this way, we want answers. We want to talk, “What does that mean? Why did this happen to me?” Sometimes the answers are not going to be there. Sometimes we have to learn to accept going through life with the unanswered questions and not attaching to the need to know, which causes so much more anxiety and conflict. That’s why we’re going to choose to stand. We’re going to do more than stand though.


When I hear what you’re saying about your circumstances and choosing your thoughts, it’s powerful to take control of our thoughts instead of letting our thoughts control us. I put that out on that category of mental clutter. Sometimes the mental clutter is more exhausting and suffocating than the actual physical clutter in our life. The conference is all about recognizing what the clutter is, and then how to remove it and eliminate the stuff that doesn’t serve us before we can move on to our purpose. You are going to hit the nail on the head powerfully with mental clutter and controlling what is in our heads and how to clean it out a little bit.


We put ourselves in our own prisons. We put ourselves in our own hell. A lot of the clutter isn’t even a fact. It may not even be true. It is all perception.


I was listening to a podcast on my way home from Tony Robbins. I love him. He was doing this exercise like, “Give me a stressful thought you have.” Someone would say, “I’m not smart enough.” Somebody else would say, “I’m just a farmer from Idaho.” He was going through this whole thing. He was like, “Can somebody give me an original stressful thought?” Nobody could because every thought that somebody mentioned, many people in the audience had the same exact thought. Deep down aren’t we all the same, Holly?


Yeah, we all belong. We tend to sometimes get stressed out about such minutia, such little things. I was complaining, “I don’t have a halo over my head.” Just because I’m a speaker doesn’t mean I have it all together because I do not. I was talking to one of my kids and I was saying, “I have to wait for this. This broke down. The color of the sofa didn’t come in the right color.” One of my boys said, “Mom, first world problems.” I was like, “I’m complaining that the color is not right? This is crazy.” It put me right on my place.


You knew that, but you got a little off track, which happens to everybody. Sometimes we need to take that time out and give ourselves a break from everyday life and do something for ourselves to put us back on track. I want this conference to be a restart button that a woman can come hit this button and say, “I’m tired of living this way. I’m going to make a change. I’m going to invest in myself.”


TMM 50 | Created Order Conference
Created Order Conference: A lot of the clutter isn’t even a factor may not even be true. It is all perception.


They have to make that change. If you read a book or go to a conference, that doesn’t mean everything is changing. You have to practice that. You have to be intentional about how you want to create this life. These last few days, I have had some anxiety. I kept thinking, “Holly, what do you need to do?” Every time I’d start to feel that agitation, I kept saying, “Practice getting rid of the anxiety, Holly. You’re going into anxiety mode. You’ve got to stop.” These last few days, I’ve been very conscious of it. I didn’t say I’m 100% anxiety-free, but I do feel a lot better. You’ve got to practice. You’ve got to stay with it.


What you’re doing is you’re being intentional.


It also depends on who’s in your life, who’s in your tribe? You’re surrounding yourself with women that awfulize, “Everything is going to be so terrible. This situation is the worst that it can be. I called my boyfriend, he didn’t answer the phone. He’s with someone else. He’s not being faithful.” We come up with these conflicting thoughts. If you’re with people like that, you’re going to be like that. Like stays with like to some degree.


That’s one of my goals and visions for this conference too is to give women a new tribe. Not to necessarily abandon your tribe from where you live and where you come from, but I want to have a healthy tribe from for these women because it’s important what you said about who you’re surrounding yourself with, the messages you’re hearing and the fuel you’re putting in your brain every single day.


Even if your tribe is a little negative and you’ve all fallen into that, you can still be that game-changer. This conference, perhaps you will go back and think, “Someone’s going to have to start something fresh and new.” You can be that game-changer. Once my attitude changed, my friends noticed. They were like, “I want what she’s smoking,” then the next one and the next one. You start to pay it forward, then you find your way.


Even the speakers, nobody in that building is going to have it all together. We’re going to all learn from each other. I want people to know that there’s not going to be any judgment, just come and be open, be vulnerable, be excited and let loose so that you can get the best experience out of it. Sometimes we want to look like we have it all together in front of other people in our lives. Here you can come and let your guards down.


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There’s nothing to prove. Come as you are. What I’m excited about this conference is that it’s not your buttoned-up, tight-type professional community. Not that I don’t love them, I speak to a lot of that community. There’s usually management there, the owner of the company is there, the upper brass is there. People are a little bit reserved, a little bit more on their Ps and Qs. That’s normal. I don’t think that’s inappropriate. What you’re putting together is going to give women that opportunity to be together face-to-face, let it go, maybe share their own struggles, maybe share what’s working. That’s good stuff for all of our souls.


I hope that when you’re reading this, make sure you go to the website, You can see the bios on all of our amazing speakers. If you want to hear and learn more about Holly, you want to see what she’s all about, go to the link and check out her site, follow her. It’s going to be awesome. It’s so worth it. You’re going to empower these women. Your story is powerful and unique. We’re not going to give it away. They don’t know who you are, but unique very powerful. I hope that the women reading will make an effort to give themselves permission to come and spend this time with us. We promise it is going to be worth every single second. Thank you, Holly, for being on.


Thank you.



We have our final guest here, an amazing professional organizer, Jennifer Burnham, who is from Charlotte, North Carolina. She is an organizational coach like me. I love what you say in your bio, that you believe that organization is more than about color coordinating baskets and pretty labels. It says our home says a lot about who we are. I always say that organization is more than trying to be Pinterest-perfect. I’m totally vibing with you. You’re going to be coming to the conference. You’re going to be the only other professional organizer beside me. Welcome.


I’m looking forward to the conference.


The way you think about organization is in line with the vision for the conference and what we want the women to learn, that it’s so much more than what the industry is portraying in social media and on television. It’s a lot about inner work.


TMM 50 | Created Order Conference
Created Order Conference: A great way to figure out what you want to do or where you want to go is by figuring out what you don’t want to do or where you don’t want to go.


We’ve over glamorized organization. We’ve made it look easy. It can be simple but simple isn’t always easy. It’s about our relationship with our stuff. If we don’t get that part right, then the rest of the organization doesn’t matter. I’ll have conversations with women and mostly, “Jennifer, tell me what to buy. I’ll go get it on Amazon. You can come over and we can organize my garage.” It’s not about using the space more efficiently, it’s what are we keeping and why? How do we use the space efficiently? It’s the same with time. I teach the workshop on taking back your time and minding your yes so you can, not necessarily, get more done but it’s not like, “I have the time management secret that no one else has.” That’s what are we saying yes to and why, then how do we use our time more efficiently? They’re connected.


People always want to jump ahead because the clock is ticking. Speaking of time, women have a lot to do. The ladies are like, “Get down to it. Tell me what to do, what to buy. I love that. What can I buy?” We’re not buying anything until we have a specific reason. There is a process to this professional organizing thing even more so than people probably even realize. There’s a lot of psychology behind it that you and I know. That’s what we’re going to bring to the conference, that part of the why behind getting organized. We can point out their clutter all day long, but until we get down to why this clutter is over here and this isn’t, and we teach them that, then it’s hard to decide what to keep and what to let go of.


It’s the decision that is always the hard part anyway. When it comes to committing to a conference with your time and also with money, it’s not about the spending of the time or the spending of the money. It’s the decision of, “Do I want to do that or not?” I find this with myself. It’s the same with the stuff. It’s not about the stuff, it is the decision. Do I want it or not? Once you get over the hurdle of making that decision, then the rest of it is easy.


Decision-making goes back to the why. As an example, when you decide, “What do I want to focus on for this one year?” if it has to do with improving your life, growing or learning something new, then you’re going to make time for those things that coincide with that. If you don’t know what your vision is for the year, things will come up to you and people will ask you to do stuff. That’s where you are left indecisive. You’re not sure what you want to spend your time on. The decision to decide what that time spent looks like is the key.


I don’t even know who said this to me. There’s such a great way to figure out what you want to do or where you want to go by figuring out what you don’t want to do or where you don’t want to go. That still takes action. It still requires some “work” to start in a path. I’ve talked to Millennials and college graduates before about they’re out there. I was like, “I’ve been there.” You’re sitting in this boat, you’re in the middle of the ocean. You’re looking around and you’re like, “I don’t know which way to go.” The fact is you’ve got to start rowing because all the directions are the right directions, at some point, you’ll start the course correct. You’ll find land. You won’t have to be out there all by yourself anymore. If you stay stuck in the boat out of fear like, “I don’t know which way is the right direction,” there is no wrong.


Don’t you think too that women want to wait for the perfect time? They’re going to write a book when their kids grow up. They’re going to start their dream business when that last one goes to kindergarten, or they have a little bit more money in the savings account. The list goes on and on. I always say, “Start doing something. It doesn’t have to be perfect.”


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One of the things that I hear all the time is memories or photos, “I’ll get those organized later.” Later is when we’re 85 and our kids are like, “This is a lot of pictures.” “I’ll wait until it snows.” It didn’t snow this year. Now is the new later. There’s no better time than now.


Now is the time that they need to get their ticket for Create Order. Time needs a home too, which I’m sure you’re going to teach about. It’s about time management. You’re session two because we’re talking about decluttering your life. A lot of clutter comes with our schedule. People don’t take control of their time. They let their time control them. This is the perfect example where if you watch all these speakers and these videos for the conference and you see the advertisements and it keeps something in your heart, it pulls at you and says, “This is something that could change my life. This is going to be a big transformative weekend for me.” That boat is going to keep on going by if you don’t jump on it. Jumping on it means taking action and putting it on the calendar.


A lot of times, we know we want to do it, we might be a little afraid, so what we do is we keep postponing and procrastinating. We let time run out on us and then we have an excuse, “I ran out of time.” One thing that I love about this conference and how it’s designed is it’s meaty. There is so much that’s going to be taught that is worth the investment of coming for two days, the day and a half. I’ve been to conferences before where I’ve gotten that cheerleader vibe. This one’s going to be even more. It’s going to give people the tools that they need and then they’re going to want to go home and do stuff about it.


I’m exactly on the same page with you. I’ve gone to conferences and I’ve always left fired up. I’m a total conference nerd. I can go to a conference every weekend and be happy with myself. I’ll have all these plans and ambitions. If you don’t have a plan after you walk out of the door, number one, and number two, if you don’t have some accountability, you’re right back where you started. The Created Order is going to be the foundation of our new community. We’re going to stay in touch with these women all year. We’re going to make sure that they reach the goals that they set for themselves that weekend. We can’t leave them on the wayside and say, “See you next year. Have a good time. Good luck.” We want to be encouraging. There are going to be days where it’s hard. There are going to be days where people have the best intentions in the world on January 30th, but by December 12th, they’re going to feel like, “I don’t know if I can pull this off.” We all have that. To reach any goal or make a life change, you always have those down days. That’s when you need that accountability partner and that community behind you saying, “You’ve got this. You have this. You just have to keep going.”


As women, we’re such nurturers. We give ourselves and our time. What we aren’t doing is taking the time for ourselves. You can be bankrupt in things other than money. If you spend and over give too much of your time and too much of yourself, then you will be emotionally bankrupt. This is an opportunity to say, “This is for me. I may bring a girlfriend along, but I want to go and I’m doing this for me.” Even making that decision is a good place to start. We all show up at the conference whatever that is and we’re like, “My life is about to change.”


There are many amazing people coming. The speakers are living and walking truths of what the message is. When you get around like-minded people in the same room, there’s such a powerful energy that literally anything can happen. On top of it, when you have prayer behind it and a god that is willing to show up, the sky’s the limit. It’s going to be amazing. I’m excited to meet everybody face-to-face.


He’s sitting on go. We’re ready. We’re sitting on go with him but we never get off sometimes.


Even when you say, “I’ll try it,” that’s all he needs.


He’s like, “Here we go.”


He’s like, “Finally, this is what I’ve been waiting for. I got the rest of it.” I’m glad you’re joining us. I can’t wait to get back down to Charlotte. I know that you’ve had a business there for nine years. This is where I started several years ago. I started my business in Charlotte in organizing. I remember thinking like, “Am I going to make a job out of this? I’m going to ask my friends if I can organize their closet.” Several years later, it’s like, “You can.”


I thought everyone was organized until I got to college. I was like, “Why is the pizza still on their refrigerator?” My roommates hated me. It’s going to be a great conference.


Everybody is going to get their calendar out and they’re going to mark it down. That’s it. Thanks so much for joining me, Jen. I appreciate it. I will see you at the conference.


I’m looking forward to it.


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About Holly Pasut

I am Holly Pasut. I am an “inspirational speaker”.  I WAS a “nationally recognized” real estate agent in the booming southeast market. Hard work, personality, and relationship building led me to be among the top agents in the country. I also served time in federal prison for the involvement in a mortgage fraud case that was one of the largest investigations in the United States.


I was indicted in 2012, pleaded guilty and sentenced to 21 months. My personal story provides insights into how I trusted someone without fully understanding my role in his real estate transactions and being charged as a co-conspirator.


White-Collar professionals, Business Organizations and University Students will gain new understanding from my experience. Audiences will be alarmed by the risks professionals take…often without even knowing it.


The ambitious overachievers are often in leadership positions and recognized for their performances, but at what cost? I discovered critical thinking errors, not with the intent to defraud, but from the desire to please others and approval seeking. I will present how those thinking errors can put you in jeopardy.


About Jennifer Burnham

jennifer burnhamWe all have God-given talents and gifts. Mine was organization. I thrive on being organized! I even color coordinated my crayons as a child.


I’m a small-town southern gal who grew up in Dallas, NC which is located 30 miles west of Charlotte.  I spent my college years at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte where I received a bachelor’s degree in accounting and marketing and an MBA.


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