Discernment takes faith and lots of practice.  It can be the most useful tool in the world for helping mom, as well as teens, make decisions and navigate this life.  In this episode, Jennifer talks with Stacey Sumereau from Lifetime’s Reality TV Series The Sisterhood: Becoming Nuns.  Stacey is also the host of the podcast Called and Caffeinated.

Episode Talking Points:

* How Stacey got to where she is today including her experience on Lifetime’s Reality TV Series The Sisterhood: Becoming Nuns.

* How to practice discernment: what does God want to do in your life?

* Tips for handling anxiety and depression.

* The ease and importance of learning how to surrender to God’s will.

* Trust that in every second God is working to bring the greatest good to your life.

* The difference between having a PURPOSE and having a CALLING.

* How to figure out what your purpose is.


Important Links:

Stacey Sumereau

Lifetime TV

Jennifer’s Purpose Over Possessions Book



About Stacey Sumereau


Stacey’s unique journey spans singing and acting in the Broadway National Tours of Beauty and the Beast and The Wizard of Oz, to discerning religious life on Reality TV (The Sisterhood: Becoming Nuns), to the vocation of marriage and motherhood. Stacey’s unique presentations include singing, humorous storytelling, leading worship music, and even fire-eating! Stacey has spoken at the National Catholic Youth Conference and the LA Religious Education Congress, as well as events and national conferences across the country. She hosts the Called and Caffeinated Podcast and Blog and writes for a number of platforms including Vocations and Prayer Magazine and iMom.com. You can find her at www.staceysumereau.com





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