Diane Boden is the host of the Minimalist Moms podcast and my guest on today’s show.  This episode is going to air on Christmas Day.  So I want to wish all of you a very merry Christmas and I pray that each of you is enjoying a day full of love, joy, and family.

Episode Talking Points:

* What does being a minimalist look like to you?  Can you define it?

* Capsule wardrobes.

* How can we change our mindset about Christmas?

* Gifts for Christmas: need, want, wear, read.

* How we can break away from commercialism and be brave enough to create the Christmas you truly want.

* The ways Diane enjoys a minimalist Christmas.

* Give the gift of an experience.

* Post Christmas routine to help you stay organized.

* Tips for keeping the following rooms simple and organized: the kitchen, the bathroom and the bedroom.


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About Diane Boden

minimalistI’m Diane, wife to Marty, mom to Miss Charlotte Rose, Martin, and a September babe on the way!  Lover of books, travel, cool autumn days and coffee. A reformed ‘shopaholic’ (so to speak) who now readily embraces a ‘less is more’ lifestyle.

Connect with Diane: blog / instagram





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