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Welcome to the Paper Purge Project!  Paper, it seems like it is everyone’s nemesis.  The number one question I get asked when I speak to audiences is: What should I do with all the paper?  This is not a 5-second answer but I have finally written down the simple and efficient plan that I used every day in our own home and have also taught to hundreds of others.  There is no reason to let paper add stress to your life, help is here!

Episode Talking Points:

⇒#1 one question I get asked is: What do I do with all of the paper?

⇒Have you ever considered how much S.T.E.M. you give up to paper every single year? Do you remember what STEM means? If not, go back to Episode 37.

⇒Vision: stop and imagine what life would look like if you had a simple and efficient system for managing and organizing all of your paper.  How would you feel?

⇒How much time would you free up?

⇒How much money could you save?

⇒How much space could you free up??

⇒The best time of year to tackle paper and set up a system that works!

⇒ The 5 Second Rule: how 5-4-3-2-1  can change your life for the better.

⇒What is The Paper Purge Project?


I will teach you the EXACT method I use for keeping all of the paper in our home organized. Including bills, mail, school papers, medical, tax, and memorabilia.


Do you want to continue to waste space, time, energy and money because your paper is not in order? Or do you want to grab this help while it is available and make a positive, productive change in your life today?


Not enough time? What if I told you this entire system could be completed in 7 weeks and if you gave up 30 minutes of scrolling a day you would have more then enough time to complete the tasks.


Trust me this will be easier then you think! I will be coaching you!


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Jennifer’s favorite container for memorabilia

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