Essential 5 Foundations of Life

Donna McLain is a life coach and founder of the Essential 5 Foundations of Life. She is passionate about sharing these 5 foundations to empower people to transform to the best, healthy, balanced version of themselves!


She is committed to helping others achieve vibrant health. In this podcast, Donna tells us how to be aware of our thoughts, choose food that nourishes our body, engage in physical activity that is fun, uncover the underlying beliefs that have been guiding our life and how to find emotional balance in relationships. Donna helps us create the life God wants for us: a full, vibrant, abundant life!

In this episode:

1. Donna shares her personal journey with food and the struggles she had with it.

2. Dealing with perfectionism, control, and fear.

3. How Donna “released” 100 pounds!

4. The Daniel Plan – a faith-based health plan.

5. The Essential 5 Foundations: mindfulness, nourishment, activity, beliefs, and relationships.

6. How you can apply these foundations to your life starting today!


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