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Time. It’s something we can’t get back. It’s limited and it’s valuable. How we spend our time dictates the life we live. Today we welcome Michelle Knight. She’s a busy mom and wife, running a 6-figure business, from her RV. She shares her advice for making the most of your time, by scheduling around your priorities, whether you’re stay-at-home mom or someone dealing with the corporate grind.

michelle knightMichelle Knight is a mother, wife, world traveler, and storyteller. She is also a Personal Brand Coach and Marketing Strategist and founder of


She works with female entrepreneurs to create an authentic, captivating, and money-making brand through the power of story. Michelle supports women at various stages of their business who share one common goal – creating an authentic brand that allows them to show up as they are, build a loyal community, and experience time, financial, and location freedom as a result of their work.


In just 9 months, Michelle launched her freedom-based business and left her 9 to 5, while raising a new baby. Just one year into her coaching business, Michelle created a 6-figure business and thriving community of women ready to share their stories.


Now she travels full-time with her family around the US and Europe and spends her time supporting women to achieve time, financial, and location freedom.




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