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In today’s episode, we are talking about one of my favorite topics: home renovations and design!  My guest is Christy Biberich of Christy B Design.

Episode Talking Points

* Why Christy decided to take her organizing skills a step farther by getting into home renovations.

*  If you are going to spend money on home renovations you NEED to incorporate ideas for organization and where EACH of your belongings will be stored.

*  The planning segment of your remodel should be about half of the time it takes for the actual execution.

*  Customize your space to how you live and move in your home!

*  Comparison will kill the unique vision you have for your own home.

* Are you in love with your home: why or why not?

*  Clearing the clutter before a renovation.

*  Christy has appeared on several television shows.  Here is the inside scoop on the HGTV show Brother vs Brother, featuring the Property Brothers.


About Christy B

Christy Biberich, the founder of Christy B. Design, is passionate about home improvement. Growing up in a small farming town, she didn’t know interior design existed, yet methodically collected floorplans from her mother’s Home & Garden magazines.


Her interest in design continued as she studied Theatre Art and History of Art & Architecture at the University of Pittsburgh, where her first design opportunities came in the form of sets and scenery and costumes.  After moving to Los Angeles, Christy honed her skills with several companies specializing in custom design, kitchen cabinetry, renovation, and space planning.


She appeared on The Style Network as a guest expert and her award-winning color concepts have been featured on Dwell.com.  Christy’s projects and expertise have been published with The Crave Company, Apartment Therapy, The LA Times, DTLA Magazine, and eHow.com.


She was recently seen on HGTV’s Brother vs. Brother, featuring the Property Brothers, Jonathan and Drew Scott. Christy was one of only ten home experts selected from across the country to renovate and add value to homes in the Los Angeles area through smart design choices while on a tight budget and timeline. She recently completed her own home renovation in Los Angeles with her husband and two dogs, Lulu and Mr. Bubbles.


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