Did you know saving $7 a day and investing it with 7% returns can make you a millionaire? Finances aren’t necessarily something taught in school. How can we teach our kids to make smart financial decisions if we don’t know the best ways ourselves? Before you send your kids out into the world or make another decision for yourself, listen to our guest today, The Seven Dollar Millionaire. He set out to teach his daughter how to make smart financial decisions and ended up writing a book that all parents can follow to help guide their children, and themselves, to a better financial future.

About The Seven Dollar Millionaire

Please call me “The Seven Dollar Millionaire” – that’s the pseudonym I use to publish my two books, The Thousand Dollar Journal and Happy Ever After Financial Freedom Isn’t A Fairytale (https://bit.ly/HappyBookUS), the book I wrote for my daughter.

I have worked in finance for more than 20 years but only realized when my daughter was 17 that no one was teaching her anything about money. I knew if I tried to do it verbally, it would bore her stupid and she would never listen, so I wrote her a book, going from the very basics of money through to how to build a portfolio large enough that she never need work for money again, with modern-twist fairytales dotted throughout it, featuring a maybe slightly spoiled princess and her talking pet frog!

The book is now being published by Wiley for other parents who worry their own little princesses (or princes) don’t know enough about money. I would love to chat about this.

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