toy clutter

Is toy clutter driving you crazy?  Do you have a handle on toy organization in your home or do you feel like the toys are taking over your home?


When your kids are small and it can feel like toys are swarming your house! All those dolls, cars, puzzles, games and don’t even think about the number of stuffed animals you have in every nook and cranny. It is enough to make any mom feel like she is going to lose her mind.


But wait! It doesn’t have to feel like this!


Really? You say…


How is that even possible?


Well, Jennifer Ford Berry, Life’s Organization Expert will tell you how. Real tips from a real mom and a real professional organizer. In this podcast, she shares the secrets of taming the toys and why you shouldn’t let toys get to you so much.

Episode Talking Points


* My feelings about toys that may surprise you!


*  Do your kids really need all of these toys or are you keeping too many?


*   Simple ways to get your kids involved in this process.


*  Too much is too overwhelming for your child.  Why less is more!


*  Toy rotation: how it works and why it works.


* Consolidate to 2 or 3 home for toys in your house.


*  Good and bad toy storage ideas.


*  Praise during pick up!


*  Final organizing tips for toys.

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