hosting Thanksgiving
For all of you out there hosting Thanksgiving this year these tips are for you.  This weekend is the perfect time to get a head start so that you do not end up stressed out on Thanksgiving Day.  I hope this episode helps you to be present, organized, and enjoying the time with your family friends.  I am super grateful to all of you that support this podcast and tune in every week… THANK YOU and I AM GRATEFUL FOR EACH OF YOU.  Wishing you and yours a blessed Thanksgiving no matter where in the world this podcast finds you.

1. Deep clean and stock your guest bathroom.
2. Declutter your mudroom or entryway and make room for your guests’ shoes and coats.
3. Declutter and clean your kitchen.
4. Set up a drink bar.
5. Make room in your refrigerator.
6. Tidy up the living room and dining room.
7. Set a cozy and welcoming ambiance.
8. Create a festive vibe with “Thanksmas” decor.
9. Purchase non-perishables early.
10. Set the table early if you can.
11. Make sure you have extra containers for leftovers.
12. Make your dinner special and entertaining with these ideas and games.
13. Ask young guests to put their cell phones in a basket.
hosting thanksgiving

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