plan your time

Do you know how to plan your time correctly?


Maybe you think you are planning out this precious resource correctly but you could be better at it.


You probably feel like you are busy every single day, but are you really being productive?  The key to productivity is planning out your time correctly and then sticking to that plan.


My guest today, Alicia Cohen, teaches intentional planning and productivity.  In this episode, we go over many tips and ideas that will help any busy mom.  Be sure to listen in and then grab your planner and start planning!

About Alicia Cohen

plan your time

Alicia Cohen is the wife to a wonderful husband and the mom of two precious little ones. She is also a business owner and YouTuber. Through her business, Alicia Cohen Designs, she teaches intentional planning and productivity solutions, especially for busy moms, to increase peace and calm in their lives while being able to focus on what matters most. Alicia built her business based on her own journey of overcoming her overwhelmed and frazzled life — what she calls the “hamster wheel marathon” — and now teaches the methods that she discovered (and uses personally) to other women.

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