amazon safety issues

Amazon’s low price doesn’t mean low risk when it comes to Amazon safety issues. When you spend money on Amazon or online retail sites, that low price could put you, or your family, in harm’s way. Most people expect that products bought online are vetted and have gone through testing—but that isn’t necessarily the case.

You can’t rely on companies to keep your family safe from hazardous issues. It’s up to you.
Former Amazon safety specialist Rachel Johnson Greer shares the knowledge you need to
recognize dangers lurking on your porch in blue-taped Prime boxes. Her brand new book, No Dead Babies: How Amazon Pursues Profit Above Safety And How to Protect Your Family, is filled with startling facts and reports.  In this episode, she will open your eyes to the truth about online marketplaces and help you make your living space safe—before suffering a senseless, avoidable tragedy.

no dead babies

About Rachel Johnson Greer

amazon safety issues

Rachel Johnson Greer once worked for the compliance department at Amazon‘s headquarters – that is, until she was deposed from her position for speaking up for consumers’ safety. A mother herself, Rachel was sickened by the reports of children that lost their lives due to faulty products. In order to cope with the sadness of their positions, her colleagues would often high-five to the rallying cry of “No dead babies!” when they were successful in triumphing over Amazon to keep children safe. She wrote her upcoming book of the same title in order to arm parents with the knowledge they need in order to keep their families safe.

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