summer schedule

Summer is here!  And so is the first episode of our Simplify Summer Series!  Today’s topic: organizing your summer schedule.


Let’s embrace and enjoy our time with our kids this summer, not get overwhelmed and stressed out about it!  The biggest thing we can do is change our mindset and get clear on how we want our summer to feel and what memories we want to create this summer.


First, create a bucket list and vision board as a family.  Brainstorm all the things you all want to do this summer.  It can range from a vacation you want to go on to small things like, sitting on the porch and reading a book.  What are the things that bring you joy in the summer months, collecting fireflies? sitting on the beach? taking family bike rides? going to the zoo? Brain dump, write it all down, and have everyone chime in, even mom and dad!  Add something to the list for you and your spouse, like sitting on the patio together at night with a glass of wine, and looking at the stars.


Creating the vision boards can be a fun family activity in itself!  Give the kids magazines to cut out pictures of fun summer activities, or print some offline. Post it on the fridge, somewhere everyone can see it to keep you focused on your priorities because when it comes to summer there are going to be tons of events and people and activities to try and take up your time.  You need to be clear about what you want your summer to look like so you aren’t just doing what everyone else wants you to do.  You need to be and stay intentional about your family’s goals.


Create a summer calendar, paper, or a shared electronic calendar as the kids get older, where you can post and fill in all the events that you want to do. Keep the paper all in one place – graduation, wedding, party invitations, camp info, sports practice schedules – so you don’t lose track of anything. Keep in mind, that you might have to miss a few things to fit in your priorities, and that is okay!


Chores! Summer is a great time to set up a cool, engaging chore chart.  If the kids are helping you with the everyday household activities, then you can get it done quicker, and free up more time to get out there and do the things you want to do and tackle that bucket list.  This is a great way to sell it to your kids to get them motivated to help out.


Make the chore chart self-sufficient so you are not nagging or constantly reminding the kids to get the chores done. Set expectations for the summer before it actually gets here.  Make sure you tell the kids after you read for 30 minutes, we can go to the park, or once your bed is made, we can go outside. You are the manager. You set the expectations and let the kids step up to the plate.  Make the chore chart visual and easy to follow.  It’s okay if the chores are not done perfectly.  All that matters is that they are trying their best and taking on the responsibility.  Give them tips for next time and make sure to praise all the good they did!


Screen time – set rules and boundaries.  Set expectations on how you want to run your summer so you’re not yelling and fighting with your kids every step of the way.


Embrace the season, it may be hectic and chaotic, but let’s create boundaries and expectations and then cherish the memories.  Think about the way you can be your kid’s teacher for the summer instead of someone else teaching them all day.  What kinds of things do you want to teach your kids – sewing, cooking, gardening? As a parent, we need to have the most impact on our kids, more than any coach, more than any teacher.


Boredom Busters!  Make a list of easy, fun things the kids can do on their own when they are BORED. Put them in a jar to pick from, or on popsicle sticks.  Include things like planting a flower, riding your bike, take the dog for a walk.  Make it fun, and challenge the kids to see how many they can do.


Time blocking – schedule your day so you are not just spinning your wheels.  Morning block – chores, getting dressed, brushing teeth.  Midday block – activities, out of the house, run around.  Afternoon block – don’t forget to incorporate naps!  Evening block – make sure to set time for you and your spouse, or just you – read a book, refuel yourself for the next day.  YOU get to choose mom – you know your kids best, this is up to you!


Prepare your mind for the summer, and get the most out of it that you can. Take lots of pictures.  These can be used to create memory books as another fun family activity and can make great Christmas gifts too!  Be intentional, and proactive with your time management. Soak up all of the memories, and cherish this time with your kids.  No other summer will look like this summer.

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Let me know what other topics you want me to cover in our Simplify Summer Series!!!