baseball mom

OK, are you a baseball mom?  If so, this is the episode for you! I have been one for over 17 years and I can’t wait to share the organizing tips that keep me sane!


This post is for you sisters of the game!  Although it will also be useful for moms who spend a lot of time traveling for other sports with their kids.


I will start with a little bit about my background as a baseball mom…


I started getting into baseball when my high school sweetheart, now hubby Josh, played and I got roped into being the scorekeeper because spring was a season I personally sport free because I was busy as a dancer.  After high school, Josh went on to play college baseball up until he was signed to play with a professional team in Canada.  (ironically Josh’s Grandpa was a Canadian that got signed to play pro ball in the US).


So I was watching a lot of baseball before our son Bryceton was even born!  But on February 28, 2005, it was revealed to me that I would most likely be watching way more baseball when our son Bryceton was born.


So it began, the games, Josh coaching multiple teams, the tryouts, the travel and now this summer is the busiest of all.  The summer before senior year.


We will be living out of our suitcases most of the summer so I thought I would share what I have learned and how I stay organized in hopes of helping the next moms coming up into this world of baseball.

Packing Must-Haves

Chairs: you never know if there will be bleachers and even if there are you probably do not want to sit on them for hours


Backpack Cooler: drinks are expensive at the ballpark so pack lots of water and other drinks and you will save money.


Umbrella or Pop-Up Tent: this should be obvious lol.




Healthy Snacks: again a money saver and most of the time the snack shacks are not providing many healthy options


Laundry Bag: I never travel without one because I like to keep my clean laundry separate from the dirty laundry.


Wagon: you will thank me for this one over the years! They usually run about $50 and they are so worth it. Save your back from carrying all of the previous items on the list.


Laundry Pods: those uniforms get dirty and smelly fast. The pods are easy to travel with so keep a zip lock bag with you.


Quarters: some of the old school washers at hotels still take quarters so it is convenient to have them with you.


-Use a sharpie to write your child’s name on everything: hat, uniform, water bottle, glove, etc.


-Do not book hotel reservations through 3rd party sites that will not let you cancel.  Tournament schedules are always last minute and they can change you so you need options!


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