how to practice stewardship


I love today’s topic: how to practice stewardship in your home! I think stewardship is one of the most beautiful things in the world.   The Bible says we are to be stewards of this world. We are responsible for managing what God has given us.  He has given us so much and put so much in our hands.  It is amazing! And most importantly, He has placed His trust in us.


It is important to ask yourself, “Am I being a good steward with all that God has given me?  With all the blessings, with all the things I have prayed for?”  Maybe you’ve prayed for your first home, a new car, a spouse, or children to fill your home.  So now when you look at your life, and look at all the things that God has given you and answered your prayers with, are you showing God that you are a good steward with these things?  This is a very powerful question to ask yourself because if you’re not, should God bless you with more?  If you’re not able to appreciate and take care of what you have already received, should He give you more? What would you do with more?


One way to become a better steward is to shift your mindset from ownership to one of management.  The thought of managing things compared to owning things changes everything. It is such a different perspective.  You move away from not just being the owner of a home but the manager of a home as well.  And as a manager or steward, you start asking yourself, what would God want me to do with this home, this car, or this family?  And how would God want me to treat this?  Instead of holding onto things you no longer need, you start to look for ways to share them.  You invest in what He has entrusted to you and has given to you. This may be a completely different outlook on life than you may have had before.


Stewardship to me is showing God that I am grateful for the things he has already made me responsible for, the things He thinks I am capable of taking care of.  Being a good steward also shows God that I can handle more.  I know and I trust myself to be a good steward with what comes next and what other additional blessings God has in store for me. This is how I want all of you to feel.


Practicing stewardship is not always easy and is not always convenient but it is imperative if you want to be a person that lives on purpose.  What would a good steward of the things you have look like?  Tune in to hear the questions you can ask yourself to see if you are being a good steward with what you have now, and the 4 steps you can take to become a better steward.


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