near death experience

My guest today shares his near-death experience with us and how it increased his faith and gave him a closer look at God. Like many believers, Jeremy Downs was done with empty religion and heard-them-before “motivational speaking” sermons. He wanted to experience a spirituality that sparked life, one that was meaningful.


He tried switching churches. He tried praying. Somehow, God was always at arm’s length, distant and untouchable.


Then Jeremy took a pile of Amanita muscaria mushrooms—a legal substance known to deepen perspective and creativity. Although he hadn’t taken them to solve his spiritual longings, they sent him in an unexpected direction. An accidental overdose nearly killed him, taking him.


As Jeremy was launched beyond the edge of this world and into the next, his mind raced as his body slowly shut down. He watched as everything and everyone he loved in life was stripped away until, at last, he stood in his Creator’s presence. A Creator who acknowledged all Jeremy had lost and said, “None of this is relevant.”


Points Covered in This Episode:

*Jeremy’s new book: Stumbling Toward the Sacred

*Why he wrote the book

*What happened when he ate the Amanita muscaria mushrooms

*The details of his near-death experience

*What Jeremy learned about God during this experience

*Understanding Creation

*How Jeremy’s life changed after this near death experience


near death experience

About Guest Jeremy Downs


What is relevant in Jeremy’s life, and yours, are the insights he shares in this first-hand account of that soul-shifting journey into the beyond and back. You will get a glimpse of the magnificence he experienced. Even more important, he’ll share the message he received after the experience. You will have a clear view of God as He met with Jeremy… and waits to meet with you.


Whether you are spiritually frustrated, curious, or content, his book, “Stumbling Toward the Sacred” will challenge you, change you, and launch you into a fresh and exciting journey of building a personal relationship with God.


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