prepare for college

Preparing For College


Sending our kids off to college is not always easy.  It is hard to let our babies go!


But it is so powerful because it can really help your child grow into their best self.


Today is an episode I have wanted to do for a very long time!  My guest is one of my most favorite people on the planet…my daughter Randsley!  She is home from college for the holidays, and we are snowed in, so it is the perfect time to finally get her on the show to talk about her college experience thus far.  We are sharing our experience of sending her off to college. This show is perfect for any parent that is sending their child off to college in the near future.

Episode Talking Points:

* What I learned from going away to college.

* What my daughter learned from going away to college.

* A new normal is about to take place, how can parents and kids prepare for this new season?

* What Randsley wants other students to know about those first few weeks of college.

* Dorm organization tips.

* Tips for keeping a dorm room clean.

* How to feel comfortable leaving your child in a new area.

* Feeling homesick or missing your child.

* The benefits of going off to college.

* How to help your child be brave.

prepare for college


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