Do you have a dream for your life? Do you worry about leaving the stability of what you know to go and chase those dreams? Sometimes we get stuck in “survival mode” in order to keep things moving. We put our goals and dreams on the back burner because of the fear of the unknown. In this episode, Jennifer Ford Berry is joined by serial entrepreneur Sarah Benken, founder of The Know Tribe, to talk about her path from teen mom to a successful business owner. She shares her tips for taking your dreams and turning them into reality.

Episode Talking Points:

⇒ Women in Business

Self Employment

Modern Moms

Making Goals and completing them

Personal and Professional Fulfillment


Duty and Presence


About Sarah Benken

Serial entrepreneur, Sarah Benken makes her mark and shows her heart for business by creating platforms to elevate and empower women. In 2009, overwhelmed with managing work and home, Sarah founded Metro’s Other Woman®. From laundry, errands, meal prep & party planning, MOW covers the needs of busy women and put Sarah on the course of revolutionizing women’s lives. In 2010, Sarah began her national expansion and licensing program, where women across the US can open their own metro’s other woman® location. Sarah provides a full support program to ensure the new owners are prepared for success.


While MOW continued to grow, Sarah encountered women of influence who she knew needed to connect with each other. In 2017, she founded the KNOW Book + Tribe. The mission is to empower women who break glass ceilings in their respective fields. Her first KNOW Book launched in Phoenix in February 2018. The KNOW Book is a coffee table style book that features female entrepreneurs, leaders, and creators. The KNOW Book is distributed no-cost. Deemed the new who’s who brag book, each KNOW Book delivers readers a vetted list of local female-run businesses. The subsequent KNOW Tribe membership allows book members to network with each other in their cities and their national Tribe members.


Sarah is active in her community. She teaches CEO classes to pregnant teens, works with women through ministries, and mentors many women throughout the country. She’s always been enchanted by women who break the mold, even while working in male-dominated fields. She believes in bringing women together to live out her personal, and KNOW Tribe manta, lift and rise. Sarah has been awarded the prestigious Forty Under 40 Award, while Metro’s Other Woman was a Winner of Triangle Business Journal’s 50 Best Places to Work. Sarah was also recognized as a Mom of the Week by Charlotte Moms and Charlotte Observer, and both she and her companies have been featured in over 40 print magazines.


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