There is no doubt that we are all facing tough times.  This is why this podcast is coming out at the perfect time.  I hope the personal stories that my guest Hiddy Fletcher and I share with you will find you right where you are and lift you up in some way.  I am praying for each of our 29 Minute Mom listeners and their families at this time.  I pray that this episode finds each of you healthy and positive.  I want to encourage you not to give up but to give it all over to God and trust Him to pull you through.

Episode Talking Points:

⇒Hiddy’s story

⇒Facing the stages of grief and moving past them.

⇒The 3 Cornerstones To Making It Through Massive Adversity – 1. Faith 2. Health. 3. Support People

⇒Raising well-adjusted kids/teens after separation and divorce.

⇒Hiddy’s powerful daily routines that she does with her kids every day.

⇒How and why Hiddy became a minimalist.

⇒Slowing down, listening to God and learning from God.

⇒Facing your fear in order to gain confidence and shine your light.

About Hiddy Fletcher

Hiddy is a digital educator, minimalist, mum, and overcomer. She lives on a rural property/farm on the East Coast of Australia close to Byron Bay, where she rides horses, renovate sa little house and creates life-changing digital courses to help women banish busy and overwhelm.

Her key message to modern women is that she believes in hope & the power that is within all of us to believe in our dreams & to create a meaningful & successful life on our own terms – regardless of our journey so far. She believes that the power of hope comes from the power of knowing our purpose & mission in life. Aligning yourself to your purpose & mission in the world is about filling yourself up.


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