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Is your relationship with alcohol a positive or negative one?  Do you use alcohol to cope with hard issues in your life only to wake up in the morning with more anxiety? Our guest today, Rachel Hart, helps women who want to take a break from drinking so that they can reexamine their relationship with alcohol and change the habit.  She explains how our relationship with alcohol can really affect us.  She also gives us proven facts about why we should be avoiding alcohol during this national pandemic.  This episode is not to make you feel guilty it is to help you be honest with yourself.  It is to help you decide if you are in a healthy relationship, if you need to take a break or if you need to break up altogether with alcohol.

Episode Talking Points:

⇒How women can change their relationship with alcohol?

⇒Wine has become your nightly reward. After the day you had you deserve a treat, but you worry you look forward to it a bit too much.

⇒First steps for making a change.

⇒Is it common for women to want to drink less as they get older?

⇒Why will power doesn’t work!

⇒Processing negative emotions without alcohol.

⇒Dealing with the next morning anxiety.

⇒How alcohol weakens your immune system.

⇒How moms can be a good role model for their children when it comes to dealing with sadness and anxiety.

⇒Emotional fluency.

⇒Episode 168: When Will It Be Over?

About Rachel Hart

Rachel Hart is a master certified life coach. She helps women who want to take a break from drinking so that they can reexamine their relationship with alcohol and change the habit. You can catch her on the weekly podcast Take a Break from Drinking or check out her book, Why Can’t I Drink Like Everyone Else?

Connect with Rachel:




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