Let’s face it 2020 has been REALLY tough on us working moms.  Have you felt like pulling your hair out while stuck at home?  Have you questioned your purpose this year?  Does your purpose still fit you or have you decided to pivot?  My guest, Molly Stillman, shares the ideas that have helped her navigate this interesting time period.

Episode Talking Points:

⇒What is life like in the current social climate in Durham?

⇒Does your purpose still fit you in 2020?

⇒Much love and support for our moms out there that need some support right now

⇒17 At-Home Date Night Ideas



About Molly Stillman

Molly Stillman is the founder and creator of Still Being Molly, a life and style blog started in 2007, and the host of the Business with Purpose podcast. Her true passion lies in helping inspire women to know that they were created on purpose, with a purpose, and for a purpose. Molly has had the honor of collaborating with brands such as Stitch Fix, Target, Elegantees, The Root Collective, Sseko Designs, Noonday Collection, and more. She is honored to have been featured in such publications and media as US News & World Report, Scary Mommy, The 700 Club, Cary Magazine, and was named as one of “the Carolina’s 75 Most Stylish People” by Carolina STYLE Magazine. She is a wife to John, mama to Lilly and Amos, dog mom to Tater and Audrey, a loud laugher, lover of Jesus, Diet Coke, and all of the Chipotle burritos. You can find her on the internets at

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